Query the properties of a flow. Returns value only, not precedence.


neat_error_code neat_get_property(struct neat_ctx *ctx,
                                  struct neat_flow *flow,
                                  const char *name,
                                  void *ptr,
                                  size_t *size);


  • ctx: Pointer to a NEAT context.
  • flow: Pointer to a NEAT flow.
  • name: Name of the property to query.
  • ptr: Pointer to a buffer where the property value may be stored.
  • size: Pointer to an integer containing the size of the buffer pointed to by ptr. Updated to contain the size of the property upon return.

Return values

  • Returns NEAT_OK if the property existed and there was sufficient buffer space available. The size parameter is updated to contain the actual size.
  • Returns NEAT_ERROR_MESSAGE_TOO_BIG if there was not sufficient buffer space. The size parameter is updated to contain the required buffer size.
  • Returns NEAT_ERROR_UNABLE if the property does not exist.


Applications may pass 0 as the size parameter to query the size of the property.


    size_t bufsize = 0;
    char buffer = NULL;

    if (neat_get_property(ctx, flow, "transport", buffer, &bufsize) == NEAT_ERROR_MESSAGE_TOO_BIG) {
        buffer = malloc(bufsize);
        if (buffer && neat_get_property(ctx, flow, "transport", buffer, &bufsize) == NEAT_OK) {
            printf("Transport: %s\n", buffer);
        if (buffer)
    } else {
        printf("\tTransport: Error: Could not find property \"transport\"\n");