Set the checksum coverage for messages sent or received on this flow.


neat_error_code neat_set_checksum_coverage(
    struct neat_ctx *ctx,
    struct neat_flow *flow,
    unsigned int send_coverage,
    unsigned int receive_coverage);


  • ctx: Pointer to a NEAT context.
  • flow: Pointer to a NEAT flow.
  • send_coverage: UDP-Lite: The number of bytes covered by the checksum when sending messages. UDP: Ignored.
  • receive_coverage: UDP-Lite: The lowest number of bytes that must be covered by the checksum on a received message. UDP: See below.

Return values

  • Returns NEAT_OK if the checksum coverage was set successfully.
  • Returns NEAT_ERROR_UNABLE if the checksum coverage cannot be set, either because the value is invalid, or because the protocol does not support it.


Only available for flows using UDP or UDP-Lite.

Checksum verification may be enabled disabled on the receive side for flows using UDP. Specifying a non-zero value for receive_coverage will enable it; specifying 0 will disable it.



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